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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

July 2, 2014

Life in our House

Dear Bex,

Life has been pretty hectic for the past couple of months - we are finally out of the haze of it and mostly back to normal. Dina hurt her foot at the very end of April, and ended up needing six weeks off for it to heal enough for her to come back and take care of you, my rambunctious, active, chica loca! We scrambled for coverage while she was out, with myself, The Daddy and all four grandparents pitching in, not to mention help from Dina's niece and a temporary nanny named Fely who you grew to love too. It was craziness, and while for the most part you were awesome, you are certainly a happier girl with Dina back in your life.

In the time since that happened you have had croup twice and a raging double ear infection. You have refused to take medicine, spitting it back in our faces, and had more than a few sleepless nights that I promise would have gone better if you had listened to us - but that would be too easy!

You have, though, in these couple of months, become enamored with my belly and all things about the baby. You call yourself a big sister already, ask about the baby all the time (is she or he moving? are they kicking? are they laughing? are they growing? when will the baby be here?) and kiss and rub my belly. You love to tickle it and say "Hi fuzzy fuzzy! You're so cute!" to the baby, which just makes me smile each time. We got you a big sister book that you love, and you have started pushing around your dolls in their strollers a lot more - not to mention acting like a baby a lot more too. This morning you asked for some baby food in jars from Kings - we may be taking this a bit far! :)

This past weekend we had our 2014 Climb out of the Darkness. In preparation for it, I have become super active with Postpartum Progress, the non-profit who organizes the walk, and that has been so great.  I got to meet some of the other women involved, including founder Katherine Stone, because we went to a taping of The Today Show to see David Gray - his new song, Back in the World, is the theme of this year's walk, as you can see in the video below (which the baby and I are in, just after 1:30!).

That's me!

Last year's walk was amazing, and this year's was just as incredible - we had 25 people come - family, friends and coworkers (and a photographer from!) - and raised more than $5,000 which boggles my mind. The support from people near to me and far, from people I speak to daily to people I haven't spoken to in over a decade, boggles my mind - and lets me know that this is a cause worth talking about.

The Daddy taking over reading a letter from Postpartum Progress founder Katherine Stone because I was too emotional. I could blame the pregnancy, but that's not entirely true.

You really didn't want to be in our family picture. 
So yes - things have been nuts.  Planning for the Climb, making sure you were well taken care of, your graduation from KVU and start of Camp Kidville and so much more has been a whirlwind!  Despite some extreme feistiness from you, which we've been trying to curb albeit somewhat unsuccessfully, you have been amazing through everything.  You make us laugh all the time - especially with your new brand of more mature (or immature) potty humor.  You are somewhat obsessed with playgrounds, and fearless when you get to go to them.  You absorb facts and the world around you at an unbelievable pace, remember things from MONTHS ago that you recall with perfect clarity, and even started writing all of your letters without anyone teaching you how to do so!  You addressed these Father's Day cards by yourself (OK, I made the G in Grumpa.)!

Already this summer, you have been swimming a few times, conquering your fear of putting your face and head in the water.  You have been fishing, thanks to Nicole and John's pond at their new house, and we have gone to your first baseball game (that you shocked us and loved) on Father's Day, took a trip to Margate, NJ, to visit Leslie, Sydney, Hayden and baby Dean and seen Daddy in a race or two. You are a blast to hang out with, and it is so much FUN right now to be your mom.

I get the feeling these next few months will be more of the same insanity, and then... who knows once this baby gets here!! Third trimester - the countdown is ON!!

I love you, baby girl.

Love always,

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