About Dear Bex

This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

July 16, 2012


Dear Bex,

Ah, yes, another two month lag.  I have to get back to shorter posts more often so that I don't get too backed up with memories!!

The past two months have been - in one word - incredible.  You are a child - not a baby - in every sense.  You talk to us constantly, way more than any of your friends.  You say hi to everything you see, ask about things around you, and you know exactly what it is you want at any given time, down to the exact book you would like to read (usually Mimi's Day or What I Like, which you call, "I Yike?"), or where you would like to drink your milk (cousssh?).

You are a daredevil, and love being swung higher on the swings than I would prefer, and being thrown in the air more than I'd prefer!  You had an amazing time on Father's Day at Lulu's house, when they set up their mini rollercoaster in the driveway.  You asked to go on it again and again, speeding over the bump and down  the rest of their driveway while giggling the entire way! It was so much fun to watch - and I look forward to watching you and The Daddy on real rollercoasters together one day (from the ground!!).

You have been amazing about learning to swim this summer, something that The Daddy and I are so relieved about.  We wanted you to be comfortable in the water, and signed you up for swim lessons to make sure that you would have the chance to get in a pool a few times this summer, not knowing when else we'd get you in before Georgia.  Well, little did we know, we've been in TONS of pools this summer - and luckily you took those lessons, because you love it!  We've been to the pool with Grandma and Grumpa (oh, excuse me, you're calling him Herbie these days, just like Grandma does!), and in Florida at Uncle Jay and Aunt Beth's, and at Lulu and Jason's pool club with Amanda and RyRy, and even went out to NayNay's parents' pool during a brutal heat wave after July 4th!  Every time you see a "simming cool" you get so excited.  You ask for your swimmy diaper (Dora diaps???) and your bathing suit (baby soooot?) and even your suntan lotion (yotiony baby?)!  Once you're set, you're all about walking right in - no adjustment time on the steps needed.  You're not in love with us dunking you, but you deal pretty well, and you love climbing the ladders and playing on the steps. I love watching you in the pool, and seeing how much fun you have splashing around.

This summer has meant lots of little trips to places like Philadelphia and Sesame Place, and Mimi and PopPop's and Grandma and Herbie's, and each time we (well, I guess it's really I) pack tons of toys and books and food and changes of clothes in case you are bored or upset or spit up like you used to.  But each time I come back with toys, books and changes of clothes that never made it out of the bag, because you are so happy and content wherever we go.  You go with the flow, eat when it's time to eat, sleep in cribs with your lovies surrounding you, and you just ARE.  It is so much fun, Baby Girl, and I love this time of your life.

I love when you repeat any and everything we say like a little parrot (yes, even the bad words.  The "oh $hit" when I splashed water in your eye while in the tub is my favorite to date).  I love when you laugh at something that happens, whether on TV, or that The Daddy or I did or said, or even yesterday when we were looking out our living room window (a favorite pastime of yours, as you stand on the ledge and look out at the driveway, street and front yard below us) and two small dogs were play fighting with each other.  I love when you say a word, we repeat it as a question to confirm we indeed understand what you want, and you say, "OK!" like we just came up with the best idea ever.  I love when you carry around a spoon and say that you just made soup and offer us bites, and your babies bites, and all of your stuffed animals bites.  I love when you sing the ABC's, or count to ten (in English or Spanish!), or sing Twinkle Twinkle with me, filling in the letters and words that you know.

I know this phase is probably short-lived, and you'll keep growing and changing and surprising us with new, fun and exciting phases in the years to come, but I can't imagine loving you more than I do right now.  My eyes well up constantly as I think about things that you say and do, and each night after one of us puts you to bed, we come out of your room, look at the other and frown.  It took me a while to realize what that was - if it was that we were sad you were not able to hang out with us longer that day, or that you're growing up, or that you were sad about going to sleep - but I realized that it's sadness that another day with you is over, and that we'll never get that time back.

We both love you so much, Baby Girl.

Love always,