About Dear Bex

This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

November 8, 2012


Dear Bex,

Mommy's been insanely busy, baby girl! There is a lot going on right now, and for the past two months or so  I've been doing some pretty exciting stuff in my free time, time that used to go towards writing on this blog for you!

Because of that, I've missed recaps of pretty awesome things- like Georgia. (A HUGE awesome thing! It was an amazing week of family time, for both the three of us and the twenty-three of us!) Like the Jewish holidays. (In temple, while adorably sitting on a chair listening to the shofar and the rabbi and the Hebrew and the songs, you asked "maybe a new song?") And, most recently, the less-awesome Hurricane Sandy.  I will recap these all soon - with pictures! - but in the meantime wanted to write to say how much I love you.

You are the best part of my days - the time we spend together in the morning, as we chat and you drink your milkies and watch Sesame and I get ready for work is the best way to start a day ever.  You are always quick to tell me what you dreamt about (Thomas! Percy! James!) and what you want to do that day (get a haircut? Go to the dentist? Go to Mimi's house?) and how cute Daddy is.  (Daddy is sooooo cah-yute!)

The time we spend together at night is also amazing - I walk in the door and you shout, "Mommy mommy mommy!" and come running, say "Night night D" and ask to read books, or (with a devilish grin) play "Wif da iPayyyyyad?" and we hang out for the next hour or so, until it's time for more milkies and bedtime. By that point The Daddy is usually home, and he takes over for the best part of HIS day - putting you to bed.  You two have games, rituals and the most amazing bond because of him putting you to bed, and I love listening from outside your door to your laughter and conversations during that time.

You've started a few funny things all on your own - first, you talk with a funny, deeper voice, saying, "Hoy Mawmaw..." which just happened one day! It was hilarious! You do it to The Daddy and Dina too - I love it.  You also started repeating names - "Hi Mamamama!" "Hi DaddyDaddy!" and we respond, "Hi BeccaBecca" and you smile - like a little game you made up all on your own.  You have started memorizing books, and can recite most of Go Train, Go!, the little Thomas board book that I got you.

The best of your new tricks, though, is answering - much like you do for animal noises - what people say.

  • What does Grandpa/Grumpa/Herbie say? "Hi Rivka!"
  • What does Grandma say? "Hi Princess!"
  • What does Mimi say? "Oof" or "Whoop de doo!"
  • What does PopPop say? "Bow bow."
  • What does Amanda say? "Hi Rebecky"
  • What does Ryan say? "Aaaah!" (read: very high pitch screech)
  • What does Mommy say? "Hi Loveygirl"
  • What does The Daddy say? "You're such a stinker!!!"
I love this age - you are a complete sponge, remembering everything we do or say, or that happens to you, and spitting it back out at us hours, days or weeks later.  We went pumpkin picking with Max and Lilly Silberman (and their parents) in October, and at lunch afterwards Maxie took his shirt off in the restaurant.  You laughed about it then, and we told you he was soooo silly!  And since then, you randomly look at us, laugh and say, "Maxie took he shirt off in da restaurant! He soooooo silly!"  

I love how much you are learning - toys that I thought would be too advanced for you for a long time you now conquer with ease - you love reading books still, though you definitely have a few favorites that we cycle through, and STRONG opinions on what you DON'T want to read, and have a favorite magazine (Everyday with Rachael Ray) that you ask us to read all time time, finding pictures of your favorite things inside, like the Scrubbing Bubbles ad (Scrubby Bubbles!), the picture of Duff the chef from Ace of Cakes (Naked baby! - no idea why), and the boy eating from a pouch in the Lunchables ad. 

When I wrote in August I talked about you finishing song lyrics for me, and how that blew my mind.  Now, you sing songs on your own - and the first time you sang Moon, Moon, Moon on the street while walking with The Daddy and I, I cried remembering you as a tiny, eight-week-old blob in yoga class as they ended the session with that song.  You have grown up SO much, and I can not believe that in just a couple of months you'll be 2 - it's going too fast, just like everyone said it would, and I wish I could hit the pause button right here for a while, because it is just too much fun.

I love you, Baby Girl!