About Dear Bex

This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

May 17, 2012

The New Reality

My baby girl... it's been too long since I've written here.  I have spent much of the last week or two reflecting on the past few months, realizing that this is our new life.  I have been waiting for things to calm down, for us to have some quiet time and lazy days so that I can write here, but the reality is - those don't exist anymore!

There are always things to do, errands to run, people who want to see us (well mostly you) and special occasions to celebrate.  There is always laundry to be done, meals to cook (though I've been bad about that too!), tidying up to accomplish and shopping lists to be made (and then handled!).

Those are the must do's - then there are the want to do's - the pictures to print out and upload to Facebook, the DVRd shows to watch (which do tend to take priority over the laundry, but oh well...), the catch-ups with friends, the drinks after work (admittedly, I make time there too!) and the blog posts to write.

On top of this, there is work, which has been overwhelming for Mommy for a little while now.  I have recently realized just how much all of these lists have taken over my life, and how much I'm simply not able to tackle it all. And realizing that I can't do it all has made me better at each part of it, and slowly I've come to embrace my new reality at home, and at work. But, that the most important thing on my to-do list - to be the best mama I can be, and the best wife I can be to The Daddy - will always take precedence over it all.

I take time every day to read books with you, teach you new words, try and get you to drink your milkies (which was NOT an easy feat when it came to giving up your bottles!) and learn to brush your teeth.  I make sure you eat fruits, vegetables, meat and drink lots of water on top of the puffs and Cheerios you love so much.  I walk around with you outside, showing you birds, ducks, the sky and the grass, and teaching you that it's okay to walk on the grass even though it feels different than the pavement (that took a little while too, my little urban girl!).  And I take you to check-ups where the doctor tells us how great you are growing, that you're tall for your age and verbally advanced and to the dentist who tells us she is always happy when first-time parents know to bring their child in around 1-year old.  And I tell you I love you 1,342,678,902 times a day, hug you even more times than that and kiss you even more than THAT.

You are the best little girl, Rebecca.  Happy, smiling, waving and saying hi to just about everyone you see.  You are a great eater (as made evident by your remarkable belly) and love to try new things, even if you do spit it out half a second later.  You love waffles for breakfast (most often saying "Mama! Dada! Waff!" when you first wake up) and bananas for snacks, along with the baby food pouches that you suck down all in one long sip. You love turkey and avocados and will eat every berry in the western hemisphere if we don't stop you.  And Dina's food is still your favorite - and your love for her trumps just about everything else.  Every day you ask for D, and can't stop smiling, pointing at her and saying hi when she arrives each morning!

On Monday you will be sixteen months old - it still boggles my mind that my love for you grows with each new day, and especially with each new month, that brings with it new milestones and new adorable things that you  say and do.  We went to the mall recently for pretty mcuh the first time, since you can now walk and aren't frustrated by needing to stay in the stroller.  You loved it, saying "ooooOOOOooooh" when we first arrived, and running on the patterns in the carpet with your cousin RyRy.  You loved shopping, and could identify so many things you know on shirts and products all around.  Then we went to Whole Foods, and you sat in the shopping cart loving the errands, and making them so. much. more. fun for me!

We are gearing up for an extra busy few weeks ahead, with trips to Philadelphia, Florida and Sesame Place (sidebar: OMG I can not wait to see you at Sesame Place.  You are obsessed with any and all things Sesame, yelling "Caca NOM NOM NOM" when you see cookie monster, a high pitched "hahaha" when you see Elmo, and know Zoe (ZO-ZO), Big Bird, Murray, Oscar and Grover too. It is going to be an amazing day!!).   And I can't wait to have these experiences with you, because you make everything we do better (see: mall and supermarket, above).

I love you, baby girl.