About Dear Bex

This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

April 30, 2013

2 1/4

Dear Bex,

Another lag, but this time no excuses, just... typing on!  You, my lovey girl, have been sick on and off for months, almost since your birthday. After the ear infections there was a cold with a nasty cough or two, and now you have allergies that are just horrendous.  A constant drippy nose, sneezes and a rattling cough that sadly wakes you up most nights. We've spent lots of time cuddling on your chair in the middle of the night (though you mostly just like to snuggle until you calm down, and then get back in your crib.  You LOVE your crib - your haven - which is now filled to the brim with lovies, stuffed animals, a small blanket and three pillow-type toys.  Even if you don't nap, you happily laze about in there for an hour or so, talking to all of your friends, making them dance and sing, kicking your legs around, letting yourself free fall onto your mattress and just generally having a blast!).  Hopefully we're on the upswing, but only time will tell...

You're growing by leaps and bounds these days- both your long legs and your maturity!  Though there are blasts of two-year-old immaturity that come blowing in like a tornado every now and then, you are very much a little kid now.  You tell me stories about what you did each day with Dina, and you ask expectantly in the morning about what you'll do in the hours to come - who will we see? Where will we go?  And you get so excited about plans for playdates, birthday parties and visits to see people all around us.  You now understand that there are Dina Days (M-Th), Mommy Days (F) and Mommy/Daddy Days (Sat and Sun), and love each for different reasons.

A typical Mommy Day - lunch at City Bistro...
And a trip to the playroom and the ball pit!

You cheer us on when we do something well just as we do to you, and ask to see our empty plates, sparkly teeth and flushed potties and clap for us every time.  You sing songs, do joga (yes, you say JOGA) and ballet and are starting a painting class next week - here's hoping you learn to stop eating the paint over the next two months).

You love all of your friends - your weekday friends around our neighborhood, your cousins, and the children of Mommy and Daddy's friend with whom we coordinate playdates all the time.

And you LOVE eating out at restaurants. You've become a pro, and order for yourself and then sit waiting patiently for your food, until you are really hungry and say, "I think it's coming!!" every time you see a waiter, waitress or busboy pass us by.  You eat by yourself most of the time with a fork or a spoon, and when you are hungry, LOOK OUT!  You hoover bowls full of pasta and french fries with reckless abandon!  You're pickier in your day to day foods, and I think are somewhat bored with what we feed you but also wary of trying new things, leaving us in a bit of a bind.  But luckily there are a few things we can rely on to ensure you're always full and (mostly healthily) nourished.

At the Liberty Science Center's Curious George Exhibit
We are having so much fun with you right now, Bex.  You are hilarious, constantly making up songs and voices for your different stuffed animals and lovies, and laughing at things around you.  You are sweet, feisty, gentle, tough, dependent and independent all at the same time.  You have learned that The Daddy and I are your family, and love doing things all together - jumping at the same time, eating meals at the same time, hugging as a Family Hug and last night, a big group kiss that you made us repeat over and over.

You are the best part of our days, even when you're not at your best.

I love you, baby girl!