About Dear Bex

This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

About Me

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, PR person, and budding entrepreneur. I have a ridiculous memory and never forget a face or a name, but sometimes I won't remember a conversation we just had. I love peanut butter, chocolate and coffee ice cream (not together - though that doesn't sound half bad!) and toasted bagels with cream cheese and jelly. I am creative, but not at all artistic. I am driven, but not a very good driver. I am smart, but sometimes can say or do things that are pretty stupid. I am fun, funny, and fun-loving. I am fairly obsessed with finding the perfect pillows (I think we've got them finally!), photos, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, and shopping - for any and everything.

I am in love with the life I have lived and the one I am now creating with my husband and our daughter.

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