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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

January 22, 2013

To My Loveygirl on Her 2nd Birthday

Dear Bex,

Yesterday you turned two years old.  Two years old!  An official toddler and little girl, versus the baby who was just a one-year-old days ago.  The time has flown, proving the cliche to be true - it just goes too quickly.  Granted there are many times, like when we're sleeping on your floor, or you won't stop your tantrum, that the time crawls by - but for the most part, each day and special moment together just disappears too quickly.

Luckily your birthday fell on MLK Day, so I was able to spend the whole day home from work and with you.  We played with lots of new toys from your birthday party the day before, watched your favorite shows on TV, played outside and had a playdate with some of your friends.  After your nap the Daddy took you to the doctor to confirm the double ear infection we suspected.  But even through that visit and afterwards, you were a happy girl.  After dinner The Daddy and I sang happy birthday to you again, and lit candles in a cupcake that we let you devour, and you loved it.  It was all around a great day with my cuddly girl, who sat in my lap after dinner with her milk to watch Dora the Explorer.  My happy girl who cracked up laughing when I made her lamby lovey "baaaaa" at her and sneak up to give her kisses.  My smart girl who chattered away all day, correctly naming the Thomas trains that you now have.  The cutest girl who I swear, looked just a little bit older and acted just a little (tiny) bit more mature.

Your birthday party on Sunday was a huge success.  I had been thinking about it and planning it for months- I start way too early and do way too much - but I can't help it. I just want it to be the perfect day for you and all of our family and friends - and it was!

It was (of course) Thomas themed.  We had Thomas balloons, books, toys and decoration, all of which delighted you. (Even just this morning you looked around our apartment and said, "Ooooh! So many Thomas balloons!")  We had a musician come and play guitar which was great, and you and all of your friends had a blast dancing and playing with the toys she brought with her. We had tons of food - and I made cupcakes and cookies for you, and so did Grandma and Aunt Judy.  It all could not have gone better!

Everyone was able to make it (all said and done, there were about 70 people there) and you got amazing toys, books and clothes as gifts from them.  You held yourself together the whole time, despite a bit of crankiness in the very beginning and once you were over it after opening gifts. A good nap and a good dose of Tylenol upon your demonic wake-up from said nap, and you loved having Grandma, Grumpa, Mimi, PopPop, Uncle Jay, Aunt Beth, Logi and Uncle Eric over to play.

But the best part of the day? Once everyone was gone.  Just you, The Daddy and I, laughing together, giving you dinner, playing with you and hanging out. I love our little family, and most of all, love you.

Love always,

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