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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

October 12, 2011

Our Rollercoaster Day

Dear Bex,

We have not had a rollercoaster of a day like we did yesterday in SO LONG. We started off on the up and up, to amazing heights, and then came down with such force! But let's start at the beginning...

Last week, Mommy's friend Denae asked for pictures of you and some of your friends. She used to work at Ralph Lauren, and knew that they were looking for baby models within your age ranges. I didn't even send in any until Monday, because I just kept forgetting - but it turns out they loved the ones I sent in!

We got asked to come in for a "go-see" where they meet you, take a few of their own pictures, and get some information about you. Well, it turns out they loved you on that too! They emailed at 5 PM yesterday asking if you "were available" on Friday for a Ralph Lauren layette shoot! I let them know that you were (I mean, really, other than pooping, what do you have planned?!) and that was it - your first modeling shoot was booked! What an exciting day - I mean, The Daddy and I have always known you were beautiful, and just about everyone thinks that you're the cutest baby that there ever was, but to have a modeling shoot?! I think it's amazing and hilarious and exciting all at once. Here is a photo from Dina after the go-see:

By the way, I think Dina was the most excited of anyone - I love how much she loves you, baby girl, it is so awesome.

Anyway, I got home that night, and cuddled and played with you as we always do. You were getting tired, so I changed you, made your bottle, and sat in your glider to feed you - you wanted none of it. Two ounces in you got fidgety and wouldn't eat anymore. I walked around the room with you as I always do after your nighttime bottle, and let you touch the dots on your Rebecca growth chart, the butterflies on your wall, and the animals on your mobile. I put you in your bed, gave you your lovey, and shut the door. You never quite settled down, and forty five minutes later out of fear that you had spit up at some point, I came in to check on you and that was the end of trying to sleep - you were up, crying, inconsolable for the next 20 minutes. I took you out and took your temperature, which was normal. So fearing it was teething pain, I gave you Tylenol that you promptly spit up. And then you promptly vomited all over me, for the second time this week! I stripped off your clothes and mine, changed you, tried to wipe things up and calm you down. I then let you crawl around a bit, as that was the only way you were happy! I put you in your crib 20 minutes later, and you proceeded to scream for half an hour. You were irate about something! It instantly brought me back to your first two months, when you would cry at night despite our every attempt to settle you down - and it didn't feel good.

The Daddy came home and couldn't believe how upset you were, to the point that we broke all of our sleep training rules. We took you out of the crib, talked to you, brought you outside into the living room and our bedroom, and played with you. We snuggled with you, tried to get you to calm down in there, to no avail. You wouldn't let either of us out of your sight, and clung to whichever one of us you chose at that moment with dear life. Yes, it is an amazing feeling to be that needed and cherished by someone, but we had no idea what to do at that moment! We finally gave you a cold teether which helped a bit, and as you had calmed down more tried the Tylenol again, which finally worked. You began to relax and give in to your tiredness, and The Daddy rocked with you in the glider for a little while, singing softly to you, before he finally placed you in your crib at 9 - and you didn't even move for hours - or wake up the next day till almost 8 AM!

I hope you had sweet dreams despite the less than stellar time you had going to sleep - and hope to not have to go through that again tonight! And stay tuned for the story of Friday, your first (of many!? who knows!) modeling shoot!

I love you, baby girl!


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