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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

August 17, 2011

The Pregnancy

Dear Bex,

I was the happiest pregnant girl there ever was. I wasn't sick for a day of the nine months, I wasn't too uncomfortable until the very end, and a smile lived on my face.  I nicknamed you Shorts (since The Daddy and I called each other Pants, and you were our little pair of pants!) the morning I found out I was pregnant, a n early morning which I remember every second of.  I knew I was pregnant before the test told me - I could feel it.  I saw the test say PREGNANT, screamed, "holy $hit" and ran to show The Daddy.  And that's all we said to each other for the next hour in bed, until we had to somehow get ourselves ready for work and sit at desks, whereupon we emailed each other all day, back and forth, "holy $hit!"

Lesley Neadel to Evan

hahahahahahaha i know pantser. i know. i havent done anything all day.

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Evan Neadel <> wrote:
holy shit.
As we got further and further along in the pregnancy, I delighted in feeling your movements within me, and trying to get The Daddy to feel them too.  I had a doppler radar and would use it to hear your heartbeat all the time - while watching TV on the couch, while laying in bed at night - I loved knowing everything was okay in there, and that you were growing, thriving and doing well - though there was no doubt, as growth was quite evident on the outside!

I loved telling people that I was pregnant, and enjoyed creating elaborate scenarios for telling people.  First we told Mimi and PopPop (who was sick in bed) by texting them both a picture of the pregnancy tests while we were at their house.  Mimi had already figured it out, because Mommy is a horrible liar and can't keep secrets from her, but they were both SO happy.  Then we went to the Bakers house and told Lulu and Jason who were shocked and thrilled.  Lulu couldn't stop smiling and saying, "Really?! OK... really?!"

On Father's Day we told Grandma and Grumpa and the rest of the Neadels by showing them the picture of the pregnancy tests on the computer.  Grandma cried instantly, and they were both so excited too.  Uncle Jason was visiting and immediately called Aunt Beth to let her know that Logi was going to have a cousin! We called Uncle Eric to tell him too.

The best though was Mommy telling her best friends.  We lined them all up for a photo when we were together, and unveiled the pregnancy by having The Daddy take a pic and instead of saying "Say cheese," he said, "Lesley's pregnant!"  This confused them all (as did the fact that we were so. adamant. about taking a group picture), but they eventually understood...

Once the secret was out, I reveled in being pregnant, showing off my bump (you!) and having the best sleep of my life, until I got too big for that to be possible anymore!

Then, during the last few weeks of pregnancy, I developed a rash due to a minor pregnancy side effect called cholestasis. Because of that I was induced a week before my due date - more about that in the next post...

I love you baby girl!


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