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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

September 25, 2013

Fun with Bex

Dear Bex,

I told you that you've been so much fun lately with us - but had no idea how much fun you've been with Dina too! She has recently been texting me tons of pictures during the day of the fun you have together - at classes, on playdates, walking around, at the playground - and she is as proud (if not prouder) as I am at how well you're doing at school.  The teachers say you follow directions, and know your colors so well, and are just amazing, and Dina says you say good bye to her now without any reservations and sit down to start playing - I love this, and can't wait to take you on Friday and see it all for myself.  I love you, baby girl!

Love always,

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