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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday To You, Bex (Six months late)

Dear Bex,

I never did get around to your birthday post.  As I've mentioned, it's been a bit crazy around here! So I'll just say a few things, and then let the party pictures by Glen and PopPop speak for themselves:

  • I planned your party for months - anxiety-fueled months about venues, entertainment, food, favors and guest lists - and it could not have turned out any more perfect. Except...
  • The only thing I never had anxiety about, or even really considered, was the weather.  It only snowed - literally - twice this entire winter.  Once for a huge blizzard in October that confused everyone, and once on YOUR first birthday.  This meant many people who we wanted to be there were unable to travel in to celebrate with us - meaning tons of leftover room in the venue, food and favors from our now smaller guest list!
  • You napped 364 days in a row at the exact same time - except this day.  You stayed up through your morning nap, and we had no choice but to let you power through to your 11 AM birthday party (planned for 11-2 because - YOU ALWAYS SLEEP BEFORE AND AFTER THAT!)

  • All around though, we had an awesome day - you were adorable, loved your puppet show with the folks from Puppetonia, had tons of friends and family there including Dina, and had a blast.  And then afterwards, all of our family members came back to our house for your baby naming, done by the rabbi from the United Synagogue of Hoboken.  He did a great job, and The Daddy and I spoke about why we named you Rebecca Ellie, AKA Rivka Esther, and it was touching and lovely.  Then you devoured cake for the first time, and loved that too. 






I love you, baby girl!

Love, Mommy

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