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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

December 15, 2011


Dear Bex,

For the past month or two, you have continually surprised me by how much you've grown, how much you know and how much you absorb.  Here are the few things that pleasantly surprised me the most...

  • Out of nowhere, you began to respond to what we were saying.  We started this with "How Big is Rebecca," but it has grown to, "Where's the Crinkly Doggy?" and you can turn to a big pile of toys and pick him out instantly.  Where's the penguin, where's your tummy, where's Dina, where's The Daddy - you're really getting good at answering our relentless (and probably unbelievably annoying!) questions.
  • You remember your books!  Mostly How Big is Baby Elmo, but other ones too.  It started with you just getting excited about a book based on its cover or first page, so we knew you remembered it, but the other day, as we read "Elmo reaches way up high," you reached up to the sky with both hands!  Then we continued with, "Elmo reaches way down low, to touch his tickly toes," and there you went, bending down and touching your toes.  The Daddy and I were floored by your obvious brilliance, and I don't think we stopped cheering for a long time!
  • You chatter ALL THE TIME.  Like, nonstop babbling.  It's an ongoing conversation with us, or with Dina, or with yourself, but it is intense!  Mostly in the morning when we wake you up and bring you into our room to play and watch Sesame Street for a little you just talk nonstop to The Daddy and me. I absolutely love it, and wonder what the hell it all means... and think we've got a heck of a talker coming our way one day...
  • You are a tough girl!  I am not - hence my surprise!  But from the beginning, The Daddy and I have worked hard to not get worked up if you fall or bang yourself on something, and to distract you quite quickly if you do get upset - and it has worked! Now, as you crawl over things with more confidence and pull yourself up, there are more bangs, thuds and crashes around the house- with surprisingly few tears!  The Daddy very much believes in teaching you that some things hurt you, in hopes that you learn not to do that again.  True Story: I was packing us up to go somewhere for the day, and The Daddy was playing with you.  I heard, "If you keep doing that you're going to get hurt..." BOOOM. "Told ya."  But again, no tears!! Like I said - i'm the polar opposite, so this is one of my favorite surprises yet.
These are just a few that are top of mind - but I'm gonna start putting in little funny stories as they happen - like the night that The Daddy and I came to wave at you while you were sleeping and we htought you woke up, so we both hit the deck in your room, you rolled over and tooted so loudly! We were dying laughing when we crawled out of your room... it was amazing.

More stories to come...


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