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This is my place to speak to my daughter. She won't remember these early days in her life, and I want to make sure that I do! Plus, there's just so much I want to say to her and be sure she knows.

September 26, 2011

What a weekend!

Dear Bex,

We had such an amazing long weekend together. Well, I guess technically they're just weekends now, since I have three-day-weekends all year round! Anyway - we were busy and got in lots of quality time together.

On Friday we drove to Connecticut to meet Sadie Whipple who was in with her mommy, Emily, from London! Neve and her mommy met us there too. We had a great afternoon with good food, catching up and lots of babies playing, napping and eating. You and Neve shared all of your toys and sippy cups, grabbing them right from each other and sticking any and everything into your mouths!

We got stuck in traffic on the way home because there were huge thunderstorms and it was rush hour - but you were great in the car. You napped most of the way (tired out from all that playing with your new favorite babysitter, Lynn Manheim!), and when you woke up mostly played quietly in your car seat as we made the final turns towards home. Thank g-d for your Music Together CD. As awful and annoying as the songs are, they keep you quiet. It's better when The Daddy isn't in the car too, because while I am fine listening to your CD, he is not! He makes fun of the songs and the people singing them all the time! But every now and then I catch him singing one to you - they do have a way of getting stuck in your head.

Saturday we had music class with your friends Yael, Lilly and Julia, which was fun, and then the three of us had a nice lunch at Ganache when we met your friend Ava and her mommmy. Hopefully we'll all have a playdate together soon! Then, we went to visit GG. She was so happy to have you over, and loved every second of playing with you, and telling you to 'beat those tom toms!' every time you hit something. You were crawling all around, pulling up on her couches, stools and chairs, and had a good visit.

On Sunday you woke up with a little bit of a cold! You were sneezing everywhere, and had a terribly runny nose. You did NOT enjoy us wiping your nosey either! I had just given you a bath and we were getting ready to leave the house for a walk, so The Daddy was feeding you when all of a sudden you gagged yourself (he had warned you not to!) and threw up EVERYwhere! For the next half hour we had to clean off your whole entire highchair, give you another bath and change you (and ourselves)! It set us back a bit, but luckily it was a somewhat lazy Sunday so that was okay. Finally, we went through the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival - it was a nice walk downtown, but not much to look at or buy (though I did manage to find you adorable dresses for the High Holidays). When we got home, Uncle Eric and Marcelo were over, so we played with them, watched football. Eric couldn't believe how much you had grown and loved taking pictures of you and just hanging out. Marcelo spoke Spanish to you and you loved that too! You are for sure going to be bilingual, which I love!

Pictures to come...

Then a few more people came over because they wanted to see you - the Lakinds and some of Erica's friends - it was a full-blown party! You finally took a late nap at 5:45, which the Daddy warned was a bad idea... you were in a bad mood when we woke you around 6:30, so The Daddy put you to bed soon after that, while I cooked dinner for us and Eric and Marcelo.

Like I said, a great weekend with lots of friends, family and fun! Your cold was already much better by yesterday afternoon, and today didn't seem as bad - hopefully it was a quick one, or maybe even just allergies. Fingers crossed!

I love you, baby girl!


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